Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dip pen and ink, a butterfly drawing...

I stayed up late, listening to cool music on Pandora radio, and having fun drawing with my dip pen and ink.  I used a piece of Strathmore mixed media paper, with a wash of watercolor to tone it.  I started with pencil to sketch in the butterflies, then used brown ink with my smallest dip pen nib to draw.

As I got further into the drawing, I had an idea to use my camera on the video setting to take a video while I drew.  I thought it would be fun to watch it back.  It wasn't easy holding the camera near my chin with one hand and drawing with the other, but I gave it a try.  I wasn't focusing on what was in the view finder, just on what I was drawing, so, my pen is out of the picture here and there... oh well.
 I've never posted a video before on the blog, so I thought I might try and see if it worked out. 

The video file wouldn't load to blogger from my own file, so I tried putting on youtube first then adding it, and that seems to work.  (it takes foooorrrr eveeerrrrrrrrr to upload to youtube though, wow!  like an hour for a 5 minute video) the end, I added black ink, then some white charcoal pencil to highlight, and color pencil for a bit of color.    I stayed up too late, but had a lovely peaceful time just doing what I love to do ;)