Sunday, June 28, 2015

Drawing and experimenting with egg tempera

From time to time I come across paintings online that are done with egg tempera.  I have read about how to go about making it, but I have never tried it until now.  Following instructions online,  I used tubed gouache paint in place of powdered pigment,  and the egg yolk and water mixture to create the egg tempera paint.  I really liked the velvety smoothness of the paint, and love the feel of it as I painted it on.  The paper I used is a cream colored Stonehenge paper.  I think I would like this manner of painting, as it is not painting in broad strokes or pushing paint around... it is more linear, like drawing, swiftly making lines with it, cross hatching or scumbling... it dries very quickly, and then it's ready for another layer.  As I read about it more, I see that it would take much practice, and patience, but the luminous quality of the paint makes it appealing to do.  The only drawback would be mixing fresh egg medium, and mixing the paint each painting session.  It dries on the palette quickly too... But it is so much prettier than the mat gouache paint.  
Here is my quick little study of marigolds....

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Drawing and painting flowers

I spent some time yesterday drawing a pansy, and today I did a poppy and rose.  I first drew with pencil, then lightly painted with watercolor, and finished with some colored pencil.  There are so many flowers blooming right now, and I love studying, and sketching them.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Drawing and Watercolor

rose buds and leaves on 5x7 natural color Stonehenge paper
 I sat outside the other day and practiced drawing and watercoloring a few leaves and flowers....

9x12 Arches hot press w/c paper

Peony bud and leaves, and acorn...  5x7 Stonehenge paper, natural color

(don't know why this pic came through rotated on end, it's the only one I took with my phone, maybe something to do with that)
In the last pic, I'm holding a chive flower and starting to paint in my drawing of it.   It was a lovely day outside and I loved doing these little detailed drawings of the found objects in my backyard.  It gave me a renewed interest in botanical art, and I've been spending time practicing.  I love watercolor, and every so often I come back to try it again.