Monday, August 8, 2016

Terra cotta colored Canford paper, and pastel pencil...

I had ordered this terra cotta shade of paper quite a while ago, thinking it would be a little bit of a duller color, but when I received it, the color seemed so vibrant I set it aside not sure what to use it for.  I took it out today and cut it into some smaller pieces to play around with.  After using some charcoal and white chalk on it, I decided it was a very nice middle value to work on, and the color didn't seem to matter very much.  Then I decided to draw something more detailed on it, and copied this face from a Botticelli painting online... I used some pastel pencils for some color and I really loved how nicely the pencils worked on the paper.  I didn't want to stop drawing on it!  It is Canford paper, by Daler Rowney.  I have another color, champagne, in the heavier card version.  Either one is nice, light watercolor works nicely on it, pen and ink also.graphite, charcoal, pastel pencil, color pencil... In my opinion, it has a very nice surface to work on.  

I haven't been doing much artwork lately, I'm going to have cataract surgery in about a month, so in the meantime, I've been spending my art making time pretty much just sketching, doodling, I figure I'll wait til I can see clearer to do any nicer drawings and paintings.