Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pen and Paper, A drawing a day....

day 1, Newspapers on the table
I have been following artist Brenda Swenson's watercolor blog for a while now,  I love her watercolors, and drawings, and travel journal sketches...  and recently she posted a drawing challenge, to make a pen drawing every day for 75 days.  I decided I'd like to join in, because I've always loved drawing with pens, but just don't do it enough anymore.  It'll be fun to see what kinds of things I will find to draw in the next 75 days...  I may not post every drawing, but, for sure, I will be drawing.  In 75 days it will be September! How fast the summer goes by... and I will be happy to have a sketch book full of memories at the end.  :)

day 2, Back yard chair and rosebush

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