Friday, May 2, 2014

Daffodil pencil drawing and pear in pastel,,,

 I recently painted a picture of a daffodil and a pear... I thought I'd do a pencil sketch of the daffodils.  I took my time cross hatching lightly all the shading gradually getting darker and darker tones.  It was a nice exercise to do. 
Any time I get a new pad of paper, I try out all my different pens and pencils on it, pastels too, and even a little watercolor just to see what might work nicely on it.  Using pastels on this little sketch pad, I drew this pear, and thought about how nice and loose it looked.  It seemed easier to draw than to paint.  Not that this would be a finished drawing, but I think I should try to paint more like I draw.  Maybe things would come out with a more relaxed and casual look to them.

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