Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I've been distracted from my pastels for the moment in favor of some charcoal!  I wanted to draw with charcoal, and white chalk on gray paper.  I have a pad of Canson charcoal paper and some Canson Ingres paper (one big sheet that I cut into smaller pieces).  I did these sketches of black plums and cloth this afternoon and I loved it so much!  I think I like the charcoal paper better than the Ingres.. the Ingres has a line through it that shows up as you color over it.  I'm not so sure I like how it stands out.  I suppose it wouldn't be so obvious if I had used the whole sheet for a large drawing.  I used soft, medium and hard charcoal pencils and a white charcoal pencil.  I also plan to try a drawing on Canson Mi Teintes paper too, to see how that comes out.

charcoal and white chalk on Canson charcoal paper(appox. 8x10 inches)

Charcoal and white chalk on Canson Ingres paper

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