Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Drawing and Watercolor

rose buds and leaves on 5x7 natural color Stonehenge paper
 I sat outside the other day and practiced drawing and watercoloring a few leaves and flowers....

9x12 Arches hot press w/c paper

Peony bud and leaves, and acorn...  5x7 Stonehenge paper, natural color

(don't know why this pic came through rotated on end, it's the only one I took with my phone, maybe something to do with that)
In the last pic, I'm holding a chive flower and starting to paint in my drawing of it.   It was a lovely day outside and I loved doing these little detailed drawings of the found objects in my backyard.  It gave me a renewed interest in botanical art, and I've been spending time practicing.  I love watercolor, and every so often I come back to try it again.

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