Friday, December 30, 2016

Colored pencils on white bristol board... 5x7 inches

I've been drawing quite a bit lately, and spending time using colored pencils to do some botanical drawings.  I love flowers, and it seems, for me, it's easier to draw them than to paint them.

I had bought a bouquet of flowers just before Christmas from the grocery store.  It had white mums, red carnations, a red rose, and this flower that I had never seen before... and it hadn't bloomed yet.  Over the last few days more and more of the little star shaped flowers have been opening and I wondered what the name of it was.  I finally looked it up, and it is called the Star of Bethlehem!  Just right for a Christmas bouquet!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

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  1. Your work is so beautiful! I love looking at it. Amazing attention to details you have. It inspires me! I have a long art background and do computer stuff at work but in the last year or so I’ve been painting when I can. I love seeing your process. Thanks for posting it!


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