Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Drawing Today...

I have recently been reminded of how much I love to just simply draw the things around me.  It's fun to look  back through old sketch books  and see my own drawings of everyday things, it brings back memories of a certain time and place, and I rediscover things I had forgotten about.
I have different kinds of sketch books, and lots of different kinds of pencils and pens, and I'm always collecting more.  I like trying out different things.
I'd like to get back to drawing more often, and sketching everyday things... and taking my sketchbook with me to sketch things that I find interesting along the way.  And share them.   I want my "seeing skills" to get better, and it will be fun practicing.
I went to the library today, to take out the book, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards.  I've read the original one before, and gone through a lot of the exercises.   This one is a newer edition, but looks like it has alot of the same information.  It's a very interesting book,  it explains the way your brain works while you are trying to draw what you are seeing, and ways to improve your perception skills. 

This is what I drew in my sketchbook at the library today...  I used a mechanical 2b pencil, and moleskin sketchbook. 

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