Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Pen

  I have been wanting a nice fine line pen..I'm tired of drawing with fine markers, they always wear out too fast.  I got this Rotring Artpen today.    Sort of a calligraphy type pen,with an ink cartridge inside, and with a nice sharp fine line, instead of a chisel type end.   I wanted it to do pen and ink drawings with, and it works really nicely!! I loved it, until I decided to try watercoloring in my drawing, and the ink RAN!!!  I was so bummed out.    So, I re drew my drawing of my kitchen counter,  and left it just black and white.  Then I doodled a bit with it.  I really love how it works, but the fact that the ink will run and smear if it gets wet is a disappointment.  I remember drawing with my rapidograph pens and watercoloring them in.  I guess I thought this would work out the same.

ink drawing of my kitchen counter, smeared by watercolor.
I redrew my picture and left it alone.
...and Doodled for fun...

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